John Felber

John Felber

John Felber

Hey, my name is John. I’m a young student from Germany. I began with PHP when I was around 11 years old. Today I am already 16 years old. Nowadays, I use jQuery every day for literally everything. I wanted to start with webapps and websites - a friend suggested Node.js and I already was in love before I tried any other web development language. Nowadays, there are a lot of websites I have programmed only by myself, just read on. In addition, I program small forums, chat applications, and other web applications. I’m in love with PHP and jQuery! My known development languages are PHP, HTML5, CSS3 JavaScript, jQuery, Sass, SQL, C#, Python and Perl.

My interests:

Coding: I am really into coding. :)
Chill:  To chill out, I smoke some Weed.
Friends:  I love my friends and hanging out with them!
Partys:  I love Tekno-partys!
Music:  I Love Techno & Goa! ॐ

My personal data:

Name:  John Felber
Position:  Dresden, Germany
Birthday:  22.02.2002
Age:  16
Email:  contact@john.ml
Phone:  +4915908475539
GUID:  9DA821F9-AC9D-48EB-9146-33B87217AF36


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